Kollam Houseboat

Looking for houseboats in Kollam for your visit to Kerala? You have come to the right place. Kollam, formerly known as Quilon is the closest district to the state capital of Trivandrum.  This land lies along the coast and a portion of it is part of the Ashtamudi Lake. Kollam is known for her glorious past as the port town of Kerala. Rich in temple architecture, green flora and picturesque backwaters. Kollam has become a popular destination for tourists in Kerala.

Houseboats in Kollam have become the favourite of those visiting. These massive vessels made of wood, bamboo and traditional interiors all make it a cultural experience for tourists. Wandering through the backwaters is an opportunity to get to know the simplicity of village life up close.

Types of Houseboats in Kollam

We offer 3 types of houseboats in Kollam. Deluxe, Premium and luxury houseboats. Each houseboat comes with benefits of its own. Choose the kind that suits your needs and preferences.

Deluxe houseboats in Kollam

Deluxe Houseboats in Kollam are the best option for if you are planning to get a houseboat that is budget friendly and easy on the pocket. These are quality houseboats that put your comfort as the first priority. Comes with aesthetic interiors. AC is provided from 9.00 pm to 6.00 am.

Premium houseboats in Kollam

Premium houseboats are for those seeking superior quality houseboats and greater comfort level. The food menu is better than its predecessor. It is completely glass covered as Centralised AC will function throughout your cruise.

Luxury Houseboats in Kollam

Luxury houseboats in Kollam brings out the sophisticated side in you. With elegant interiors and plush furniture, this houseboat is sure to make your heart skip a beat. Comes with the best food menu and we promise you will have an unforgettable experience in this.

Size of the houseboat

Size of your houseboat will depend on the number of people intending to come. Accordingly, the number of bedrooms can be allotted. Each room can accommodate 2 persons and an extra person if an additional fee is paid.

1 bedroom houseboats in Kollam

These houseboats are usually chosen by honeymoon couples or couples wanting to spend some alone time. Perfect for just two people or if you are planning to ride solo. Standard occupancy is 2 persons.

2 Bedroom Houseboats in Kollam

These are perfect for single families planning the perfect vacation. 2 Bedroom houseboats are ideal fo  families with children. Each bedroom comes with an attached bathroom. Standard occupancy is 4 persons.

3 Bedroom Houseboats in Kollam

These big boats are awesome for a family get together or time out with your friends. Has a common area where you can host some in house games or activities. Standard occupancy is 6 persons.

Kollam Houseboat Rates – Price List