Alleppey Houseboat Rates, Alleppey Boat House Price list

Alleppey houseboat rates and price list with detailed information. Go through the Alleppey boat house price for one day and overnight cruise.

We classified the houseboats in Kerala Alleppey into three category, Deluxe houseboats, Premium  houseboats & Luxury houseboats . In each segment houseboats are available from one bedroom to 8 bedrooms.

The Alleppey houseboat pricing menu shows the starting price of houseboats in Alleppey Kerala in different categories with multiple bedrooms.

The price mentioned is just the starting price. Based on the quality/category/facility/services/route/season the price will change.


Alleppey Houseboat Overnight Cruise Tariff 

(12:00 pm to next day 9:00 am)

Houseboat TypeDeluxePremiumLuxury
1 Bedroom Houseboats85001150017500
2 Bedroom Houseboats125001750026500
3 Bedroom Houseboats175002450036500
4 Bedroom Houseboats235003250048000
5 Bedroom Houseboats295004050060500
6 Bedroom Houseboats3350048500Upon Request
7 Bedroom Houseboats3850056000Nil
8 Bedroom Houseboats4450065500Nil


Additional Services Available Upon RequestDay cruise : boat rent Rs 7500/- 
For Food Per person Rs 750/-
Note : 

→ Oct 5th  to 13th we have the hike of 10%


→ Dec 20th  to Jan 5th 1 bedroom Rs 12000, above 1 bed per room Rs 10000 in delux category

→ Kumarakom round extra Rs 1500

→ Honeymoon delight Cake & Flower Rs 1000

→ Additional person up to 5 years free

→ Single ∕ double occupancy in each room

→ Extra person Deluxe 1000, Premium 1500, Luxury 2500

→ All the above rates are for one night and are inclusive welcome drink, snacks, evening tea, lunch, dinner & breakfast  (fixed menu)

→ For Deluxe houseboats air conditioner in the bedroom will be only from 09 pm to 06 am

→ For premium houseboats A/C operates between check in to check out on demands in the rooms.

→ For Luxury houseboats completely glass covered A/C in the living room.


The price mentioned is just the starting price. Based on the quality/category/facility/services/route/season the price will change.

Houseboat tariff in Alleppey, Kerala depends on the service quality, season, holidays, and availability. for the mentioned prices we can provide good qulity boats respective to the category.

Alleppey Houseboat Day Cruise Rates

Alleppey houseboat day cruise rates starts from ₹7500. One single bedroom housboat can accomodate upto 15 persons for day cruise. If you are looking for bigger houseboats for day cruise the price will be different. Alleppey houseboat rates for one day cruise for premium houseboat starts from ₹9500 onwards. Luxury houseboat one day cruise starts from ₹15000 onwards and it goes upto ₹25000

Houseboat RoomsDeluxePremiumLuxury
Single bedroom7500 /2pax10500 /2pax15500 /2pax
2 bedroom9500 /4pax13500/4pax19500 /4pax
3 bedroom12000 /6 pax18500 /6pax29000 /6pax
4 bedroom16000 /8pax23000 /8pax37500 /8pax
5 bedroom20000 /10pax27000/10pax45000 /10pax
Extra Person Costs₹750₹1200₹1500

Alleppey Houseboat Tariff Related FAQs

What is the cheapest price for houseboats in Alleppey?

Alleppey houseboat price depends on different factors mainly the qulity of boat, number of bedrooms & AC availbility. Alleppey houseboat chepeast price will be ₹6000 for 2 persons in offseason time.

How can i get houseboats in Alleppey for cheapest price?

You will get cheapest houseboats in alleppey during the offseason time. Usually offseason time in monsoon time. In offseason time alleppey houseboat prices starts from ₹6000 for 2 persons. June, July, are the offseason time for houseboat tourism in Kerala.

Why there is difference in price for houseboats?

Different type of houseboats are availble in alleppey, deluxe, premium luxury based on the interior quality, service quality, food menu, route etc so the houseboat price will be different for diiferent boats.

Why Alleppey houseboat cost is higher than the hotels?

Alleppey houseboat cost depends on several factors. The maintenance and running cost for a houseboat is very high compared to hotels. This is the reason for higer price for houseboats in Alleppey Kerala.

Is there any difference in pricing if choose for more days?

Yes. if you are choosing the houseboat cruise in Alleppey, Kerala for more than one day there will be some discounts in the alleppey houseboat pricing.

Is the houseboat rent in Alleppey and Kumarakom are same ?

Boat house rent in Alleppey and kumarakom depends on several factors. Generally the pricing depends on the quality and amenities. houseboat rates in Alleppey and kumarakom is similar but sometimes Kumarkom is little bit higher because most of the boats in Kumarakom are in good condition and the routes are exotic.

What is the usual Alleppey houseboat cost for one day ?

Alleppey houseboat cost for one day

day cruise – starting from 6500 onwards

overnight cruise – starting from 8500 onwards

How much is the Alleppey houseboat rent for overnight stay?

Alleppey houseboat rent for one day is as follows

Deluxe houseboat rent in alleppey – starting from ₹7500 onwards for 2 persons

Premium houseboat rent in Alleppey – starting from ₹11500 onwards for 2 persons

Luxury Houseboat rent in Alleppey – starting from ₹16500

it will change based on the quality, condition, and some other factors.

Do you provide KTDC, & ATDC houseboats in Aleeppey?

Sorry we are a private houseboat tour company in Alleppey. we cannot offer you KTDC or ATDC houseboats but we can provide better quality boats for same price.

What is Alleppey houseboat rates for 2 hours?

Sorry, we are not providing Alleppey houseboats for 2 hours. We have day cruise and overnight stay options available. If you are looking for 2 hours you can try shikara boats in alleppey

How much is the extra charges for seafood options?

we have different seafood options availble along with our regular houseboat food menu. Crab, prawns, lobster, clam, pomfret, squid, seerfish, kingfish, etc. We can send you the pricing list along with the quantity.