Alleppey Boating Timing

Alleppey houseboat timing , Alleppey boating timing is a relative question. in Alleppey there are 3 types of boats are available.

  1. Houseboats
  2. Shikara / Motorboats / Traditional Canoe
  3. Government Passenger boat services

Let us go through these different categories of boats in detail.

Houseboats Timing in Alleppey

Generally houseboats in Alleppey can cruise in the backwater from 8 am in the morning to 5:30 pm in the evening. Alleppey boat house timing depends on which type of boating you choose like, day cruise or day-night (overnight) cruise etc.

  • Day night cruise (overnight cruise) operates from 12 pm to 5:30 pm and next day 7:30 pm to 9 am. houseboat will stop near the village after 5:30pm up to next day 7:30 am
  • Day cruise will start from 11 am and stops at 5 pm  usually. But it varies for different boat operators like 10 am to 4 pm etc.(usually it is  5 to 6 hours ride)

Overnight Cruise: 12:00 pm – next day 9:00am

Day cruise          : 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Shikara Boat Timing in Alleppey

Shikara cruise in alleppey is available from morning 6 am and can ride up to 6:30 in the evening. you can choose, Sunrise cruise (starting at 6 am), sunset cruise (stops around 6:30 pm), lunch cruise, Honeymoon cruise etc. Shikara alleppey boat ride timings are as follows.

Sunrise shikara boating timing – 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM (3 Hours)

Sunset shikara boating timing – 3:30 PM – 6:30 PM (3 Hours)

You can increase the shikara boat timing. Usually extra hours are charges are starting from ₹600/hour for small shikara.

Canoe boats timing is 6:00 am to evening 6:30 pm ( You can choose the timing slots in between). Usual prices for canoe boat in alleppey is arund ₹300/hour. (Canoe boats will be slower compared to shikara boats)

Government Boat Services in Alleppey

One of the cheapest backwater experience option is choosing the government ferry services. Starting from early morning 5: 30 from/to different locations in Alleppey passing through the backwaters of Alleppey & Kumarakom. Here is the alleppey boating ferry services list provided by Government

Goverment boat services starting from Alleppey boat Jetty

Sl. No.TimeDepartureArrivalVia
15.30AlappuzhaKrishnapuramKuppappuram, C-Block
25.55AlappuzhaKainakary Road, Pullathuseri (Punnamada)North Pandichery (See Kuttanad)
36.30AlappuzhaRamankaryKannitta, Ayiraveli
46.45AlappuzhaKrishnapuram (Super)C Block
57.00AlappuzhaKailasamKannitta, Venattukadu
67.05AlappuzhaKayalppuramSoman Jetty, North Venattukadu
87.30AlappuzhaNedumudy(Super)Kannitta, Venattukadu
98.00AlappuzhaKidangara  MillC Block, Liscio
108.20AlappuzhaKainakary RoadPunjiri North (See Kuttanad)
118.30AlappuzhaNedumudyKannitta, Ayiraveli
129.35AlappuzhaKottayamKuppappuram, Pandisserry, Pattassery
139.45AlappuzhaGrameenaSoman Jetty
1410.00AlappuzhaNedumudyKannitta, Ayiraveli
1510.00AlappuzhaKrishnapuramC Block,Liscio
1610.15AlappuzhaKrishnapuramPandiserry, Venattukad
1710.30AlappuzhaKolllam (Tourist – Upper Deck)
1810:45AlappuzhaKainakary RoadSoman Jetty (See-Kuttanad)
1911.15AlappuzhaKrishnapuram (Super)Kuppappuram, C-Block
2011.30AlappuzhaKottayamSoman Jetty, Kuppappuram, Pullathserry
2212.00AlappuzhaKainakary SchoolKuppappuram – Panaykkal Todu
2312.30AlappuzhaNedumudy (Super)Kannitta, Ayiraveli
2412.30AlappuzhaNedumudyKuppappuram – Venattukadu – Pandissery
2513.00AlappuzhaPulincunnuKuppappuram – Pandissery – Venattukadu
2613.00AlappuzhaMichayel ChurchSoman – Kuppappuram – C Block
2713.35AlappuzhaKainakary RoadSee Kuttanad
2813.40AlappuzhaKandamkary AsramomKannitta – Nedumudy – Champakkulam
2913.45AlappuzhaPulincunnuKuppappuram – Panakkal Todu – Venattukadu
3014.00AlappuzhaKrishnapuramC-Block – Kuppappuram
3114.30AlappuzhaKottayamKuppappuram – Chittira
3215.00AlappuzhaKrishnapuramKuppappuram – C Block
3415.15AlappuzhaKayalpuramKuppappuram, Pandichery Via Venattukad
3515.45AlappuzhaNedumudy (Super)Kannitta, Ayiraveli
3616.15AlappuzhaKrishnapuram (Super)Kuppappuram, C Block
3916.45AlappuzhaKrishnapuramSoman – Kuppappuram – C Block
4016.45AlappuzhaKainakary RoadKannitta (See Kuttanad)
4117.15AlappuzhaKottayamKuppappuram – Pandissery
4217.30AlappuzhaNedumudyKannitta, Venattukadu
4317.45AlappuzhaKrishnapuramKuppappuram, C Block
4418.20AlappuzhaNedumudyKannitta, Ayiraveli
4518.30AlappuzhaCherukaraSoman, Pullathuserry
4618.45AlappuzhaNedumudy (Super)Kuppappuram – Pandiserry – Venattukadu
4719.15AlappuzhaMichle ChurchC Block, Kavalam
4819.40AlappuzhaNedumudyKannitta, Ayiraveli
4919.45AlappuzhaKrishnapuram (Super)Kuppappuram
5020.00AlappuzhaVenattukadPandiserry, Venattukad
5120.45AlappuzhaKrishnapuramKuppappuram, C Block
5321.15AlappuzhaKanjiramKuppappuram – Pandissery – Pullathuserry