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Alleppey Houseboat Guide Is your ultimate destination to book the perfect Alleppey Houseboat packages online.  We help you find the best Kerala boat house that suit your requirement, starting from Deluxe to Premium and Luxury Houseboats. We have houseboats in Alleppey starting from 1 bedroom up to 10 bedroom.Alleppey boat house is best option for exploring the backwaters of Alappuzha

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Alleppey Backwaters Activities

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Houseboats in Kerala or Kettuvallams were traditionally cargo boats that carried rice, spices and other commodities, which now are transformed into luxury boats complete with bedrooms, kitchen, living area, bathrooms and other amenities. Today, these allow travellers to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Alappuzha while gliding along its backwaters.

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Motor Boats

Motor boats are used in Alleppey backwaters primarily for transportation. But is also used as an economical alternative to houseboat in Kerala. It is suitable for tourists who do not have the luxury of time, but still want to enjoy a cruise along the stunning waters of Alleppey.

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Shikara Boats

Shikara boats can be described as miniature houseboats of Alleppey. They are traditional motorized canoe boats, with the seating capacity of 4- 15 people. With the bamboo canopy overhead and all four sides open for sightseeing, they are built in elegant Kerala style. Since they are smaller than houseboats and motorboats, it is an ideal choice to explore the interiors of Alleppey backwaters.

Houseboats in Alleppey Select Your Choice

Exploring the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey on a houseboat is an experience of a life time. Our traditional Kerala houseboats offer a relaxing and luxurious stay onboard and freshly prepared traditional delicacies, all while enjoying this watery heaven from up close.

Committed to providing you with the most affordable Alleppey houseboat packages, we offer Deluxe, Premium and Luxury boat houses in Alleppey Kerala. Alappuzha boat house experience & Kerala is one among the top 50 things to do in lifetime recomended by National Geographic

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Deluxe Houseboats in Alleppey

Equipped with amenities including a living area, A/C bedrooms, attached bathrooms, viewing decks and kitchen, Deluxe houseboats in Alleppey are a pocket friendly option to enjoy the waters of Alleppey with standard facilities. Book the best deluxe houseboats with us.

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Premium Houseboats in Alleppey

Premium houseboats in Alleppey are available at affordable rates for tourists to enjoy the best of Alleppey backwaters with top- end facilities. Bedrooms and living area complete with wooden ceilings and hand-crafted décor ensure a traditional ambience.

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Luxury Houseboats in Alleppey

Luxury houseboats in Alleppey offer the best service and spectacular interiors and is nothing short in its grandeur from a five-star resort. With complete glass windows constituting a major portion of its walls, they offer unhindered view of the mesmerising backwaters.

Most Popular Alleppey Houseboats & Best Alleppey Boat House Packages

We offer an array of houseboats in Deluxe, Premium and Luxury categories with varying capacity of accommodation. There are one-bedroom houseboats to up to ten-bedrooms. These are some of the most popular houseboat packages:

Before booking Houseboats in Alleppey Kerala

You may have some questions before booking houseboats in Alleppey Kerala. Here is the most frequently asked questions about houseboat journey in alleppey backwaters.

What is the best time during the year for an Alleppey house boat cruise?

Set amidst the serene backdrop of backwaters, paddy fields and unexplored countryside, Alleppey is swarmed by tourists all year round. Though houseboat cruises are available here all around the year, here is a month wise break-up of the weather in Alleppey to help you plan your vacation better:


Summers in Alleppey are hot and humid. They begin with the month of March and end with May. The temperature fluctuates between 28- 37 degree Celsius. Since several tourists avoid the summers, it will be less crowded and you can enjoy the peace and quiet of these waters. Do not forget to carry sunscreen and light cotton clothes.


June marks the beginning of the monsoon season in Alleppey. The monsoons end with September. Houseboats are up and running during the monsoon, unless it is a heavy downpour.  Monsoons are a great time to enjoy this little town in its rain soaked best.


With temperatures hovering between 17- 32 degree Celsius winters are the best time to visit Alleppey to enjoy a boat cruise. Since the weather will be mild and pleasant, exploring the backwaters will be a delightful experience.

Which is the best Alleppey houseboat cruise route?

There are a number of backwater routes in Alleppey to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are:


Alleppey Round Backwater Route

Alleppey round, is one of the busiest backwater routes. Sailing past the Kuttanadan paddy fields and 11th century Buddha statue called Karumadikkuttan by the locals, the cruise covers picturesque villages of champakulam, Nedumudi etc.


Alleppey to Kumarakom Backwater Route

Mostly preferred for weekend cruises and by honeymooners, Alleppey- Kumarakom route is very popular amongst tourists. The major attractions include the Pathiramanal island and Kumarakom bird sanctuary.


Alleppey to Thottappalley Backwater Route

Alleppey- Thottappalley is another well-known backwater cruise route. The major attractions include the Karumadikkuttan statue and the Champakkulam church.


Alleppey to Alumkadavu Backwater Route

One of the longest backwater cruise routes, Aleppey- Alumkadavu is ideal for weekend backwater cruises. You will cover a large portion of Kerala’s backwater stretches on this cruise.

What is the food menu included on the houseboat?

The houseboat will have an in- house chef who will serve lunch, evening tea and snacks, dinner and breakfast on board on a night cruise. Lunch and evening snacks will be provided on board on a day cruise.

Traditional Kerala cuisine is usually served. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

Depending on if the houseboat is deluxe, premium or luxury, slight changes are to be expected in the menu. Any dietary restrictions can be informed beforehand.

A slice of fried Pearl Spot, Kerala Chicken curry and vegetable dishes are normally served for the buffet lunch. Evening tea/ coffee is served alongside piping hot banana fritters. Cappathi, dal curry, vegetable dishes and chicken dish is normally served for dinner. Kerala style breakfast of Idli/ appam/Poori/ Puttu is served for breakfast. Bread/ Butter/ Jam and eggs are also available.

You can always buy crab, prawns etc from floating or other markets by paying extra, which will be prepared for you by the Chef.

How much does it cost for a one day/ one night houseboat package?

Should I get houseboats directly in Alleppey, Kerala or should I book online?

You can definitely get houseboats directly in Alleppey. But it is always advisable to pre- book them online. Since houseboats are always in demand, you will find it difficult to find quality houseboats that fit your requirement at the last minute.

Are houseboat cruises available in the monsoon season?

Houseboat cruises are available in the monsoon season as well. The backwaters have a quaint charm during the monsoons when it displays all its water-washed glory.

But if it’s a heavy down pour, cruises will not take place.

Kerala houseboat or Alleppey houseboat?

Kerala is one of the state in India. Kerala is known as God’s own country. Alleppey is a district in Kerala and is one of the best backwater destination in India. Alleppey backwaters and alleppey houseboats are world famous. Even though most of the houseboats are in alleppey backwaters, generally it is knows as Kerala houseboats or Kerala boat house.

Who all will be there(staff) on the Houseboat, other than the guest?

There would be a 3-member crew on the houseboat. The Captain, Oarsmen, and a chef will accompany the guest.

What are other cheaper options to enjoy the Alleppey backwaters?

Apart from houseboats tourists can opt for: Motorboats, Shikara boats, Canoes, Kayaks,Speed boats or jet skis. Each of these options are cheaper than houseboats and have their advantages and dis advantages. Make your choice depending upon your budget and your requirements.

How long is a typical house boat cruise?

A typical house boat cruise commences at noon. The guests can check into the houseboat at 12:00 noon. The boat will cruise the waters till 5:30 pm and will anchor for the day. The trip will restart at 8:00am in the morning and will drop off the guests by 9:00am.

Why are the houseboats anchored between 5:30pm and 8:00am?

The houseboats will be anchored between 5:30pm and 8:00am as per the government laws. Since the fishermen set up nets in the waters, government has banned all kinds of engine operated boats from operating during these hours.

Is there anything we should carry on a houseboat cruise?

On a house boat cruise all basic amenities are provided onboard. You only need to carry your personal belongings and your camera if you intend to capture the stunning beauty of these waters. It is advisable to carry mosquito repellents just to be safe.

Do the packages mentioned include the pickup and drop charges?

No. The packages mentioned on the site are not inclusive of pickup and drop off charges. These can be arranged on request but will be chargeable.

Alleppey houseboats or Alapi houseboats?

Alappuzha one of the district in Kerala state in India. Alappuzha is well known as Alleppey and simply pronounced as Alapi. So generally people search like Alleppey houseboat, Alapi boathouse, Alappuzha boat house etc. Even the word boat house used instead of houseboat.  Alleppey houseboat, alleppey boat house, Alapi boats are the simple search terms. All are pointing to the same location and the same Alleppey Houseboats.

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Why Choose us for your next Alleppey Houseboat Booking?

If spending a holiday away from the hustle and bustle of the city life is what you are looking for, Alleppey backwaters will more than satisfy you. The gentle sway of the houseboat as you cruise along this slice of heaven will lull you into a state of peace, when the only sound you hear will be the splashing of smooth water against the boat.

Before you decide which operator to book with, we have something to tell you:

We are a local company based in Kerala. We know the ins and outs of the place and can ensure that this works in your favour for the boat trip.

We have a range of handpicked houseboats for you to choose from. Deluxe to Luxury houseboats with 1-bedroom up to 10-bedrooms are available.

We are always available to answer any and all queries you may have regarding Alleppey houseboat packages. We assist you every step of the way from booking till seeing you off at the end of the trip.

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