Shikara boating in Kumarakom Price & Online Booking

Looking for Kumarakom shikara boat services? We can help you for choosing the best Kumarakom shikara ride at affordable price.  Our Kumarakom shikara rates starting from ₹2000 per 3 hours for day cruise. We have the the best inventtory of shikara in Kumarakom along with houseboats. We can guarantee you the best shikara boat ride in Kumarakom with your family, group.

Shikara boats are small in size and are elegantly furnished with kerala’s culture and heritage.These boats are mainly used for sight seeing in backwaters .It is more economical than Houseboat and Motor boat.These are available on hour basis.It is used for travelling from one place to another by enjoying the beauty of backwaters in Kumarakom & Alleppey.

Shikra boats in Kumarakom have seating capacity of four to fifteen and sometimes up to twenty people. They are traditional boats converted into the present form by arranging seating facilities and are usually decorated using materials made of wood and bamboo giving it an old world rustic charm.

Why Shikara boat is better than Houseboat?

If you want things more organised and comfortable then Houseboat is the better option, however if you want to experience the real authentic Kerala way of living and its culture, then it’s much nicer to go off in a Shikara in Kumarakom, because they go down the smaller tributaries and away from other houseboats, it’s really lovely you get a chance to interact with the local people .

1. Shikara can go through narrow canals and tributaries explore the rustic life of the villagers living on the outskirts.

2. Cruises vary according to your budget. It is not only less expensive than a houseboat ride, but helps you to explore the areas inaccessible when u choose a houseboat.

3. Shikara boats Creates less pollution.

4. Easily accessible and less expensive.

5. More places can be explored within a short time.

Sunrise shikara cruise in Kumarkom

Sunrise cruise(3 hours & 4 hours cruise offered) : This shikara cruise begins from Kumarakom boat dock at 6.00 AM. In this early morning cruise, it will be a fresh, calm and quite cruising and with there will be only less number of boats in lakes so you can enjoy view more charming and lovely when compared to other time and also enjoy the real view of Kumarkom.

Lunch Shikara cruise in Kumarakom

The cruise begins from our jetty at 12 PM. Boat moves to different location from Kumarakom lake and moves to village areas in and around At 1.30pm you will be dropped at restaurant on the outskirts of the lake with fresh lake fish and variety of other dishes and also pure veg menu is available.

Sunset cruise shikara boating in Kumarakom

The sunset shikara cruise begins from Kumarakom Boat dock at 4.30 PM.The sunset view from the Kumarakom backwaters is one of the most beautiful sunset view in Kerala.

Price List of shikara boat in Kumarakom

Here is the detailed Kumarakom  shikara rates. We provide the best Kumarakom boating rates for our guests. Anyone looking for Kumarakom shikara ride can book with us. In Kumarakom you can find shikara boats & Houseboats and these are the most popular attractive rides offered here. Kumarakom boating price is as shown below if you are booking in advance.

Small Motor boat/ Shikara boat rates in kumarakom

3 Hour Ride5 Hour Ride
Up to 5 Person₹3000₹5000
Up to 15 Persons₹4500₹7500
Up to 30 Persons₹5000₹9000


Toilet attached shikara boat rates in Kumarakom

3 Hour Ride5 Hour Ride
Up to 5 Person₹4500₹7500
Up to 15 Persons₹6000₹10000
Up to 30 Persons₹7000₹12000

Facilities in Shikara Boats.

Few of our Kumarakom Shikra boat includes toilet facility which is not included usually in most of the shikara boats in kumarakom. This boat also includes a music system to make your trip enjoyable.

  • Music system
  • Diwan cot
  • Chairs

NB : Lunch not included in the pricing, Lunch available from the backwater village restaurants.

Non Veg lunch –  starting ₹ 250 per person Kerala meals with  karimeen(pearlspot) fish fry and chicken curry

Veg Lunch – starting ₹ 100 per person

Before booking Shikara tour in Kumarakom

You may have some questions before booking Shikara boating in Kumarakom. Here is the most frequently asked questions about Shikara tour in Kumarakom backwaters.

What is the rate of shikara boat tour?

Kumarakom Shikara boating tour rates starts from ₹3000 for for upto 5 persons if you are choosing minimum 3 hours. If you choose to go for 4 hours or 6 hours the shikara rate will be different.

What time i can go for shikara boat tour in Kumarakom?

Shikara boat tours in Kumarakom usually starts from 8:00 AM onwards and cruise upto 6:00 PM in the evening, sometimes it will go upto 6:30 PM depends upon the season. Sunrise cruises will start early morning 5;30 to 6:00 am in the morning and sunset shikara tour will starts at 04.30 PM but you need to confirm the booking in advance.

Is there any additional charges ?

No, we are not charging any additional charges. You have to only pay the Shikara boat tour amount.

Do you provide any food on Shikara boat tour in Kumarakom?

No, We are not providing food inside the Shikara boat the rate we are charging is only for shikara boat tour,  but we can help you to have the tasty Kuttanadan and Kerala style dishes from the backwater nearby restaurants. There are some family toddy shops available for having great food within affordable rate.

What is the procedure of shikara tour booking?

You can get Shikara boats directly in Kumarakom. But it is always advisable to pre-book them online. Since shikara boats are always in demand, you will find it challenging to find them at the last minute.

For online Shikara tour booking go to the booking menu

First, you have to enter your personal details such as name, mail id, and phone number. Then pay ₹500 As advance.

Is it a shared boat or private shikara?

We provide only private shikara. We do not recommend shared shikara boat because of the privacy issues.

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