New year is a special time of the year, a time when you leave behind the unfortunate memories and carry along with you all that is good in life. A day spent with all your loved ones together embracing all the possibilities to come your way.

Ever wondered what new year would feel like on a houseboat cruising down sparkling water with nothing but greenery on either side ?

Wake up to a new beginning in the charming Vembanad lake as the sun kisses your cheeks with a good morning. Listen to birds chirping as they wake you up in the morning. Sunrise in Vembanad lake is a picture to behold in your hearts throughout the years to come. Begin this year in nature’s lap as you celebrate New year in our exquisite houseboats. Celebrate all the joys of life while we take care of everything else.

We provide you with all the facilities you will need to make the night a memorable one. Traditional Kerala food with mouth-watering recipes and sound system to play your favourite tracks are just a short list of what we have planned for you. Get comfortable because this houseboat cruise is going to make you feel amazing