Kerala Boat House Packages – Choose The Best Houseboats in Kerala

Houseboats in Kerala are a primary tourist attraction that needs no introduction. Kerala is bountiful with backwaters that makes it the perfect and only location of its kind in India for houseboat tourism. Kerala boat house are famous because of scenic view of Kerala backwaters. Ever wondered what it would be like when the sun sets as you cruise down the backwaters? The entire surrounding turns a golden hue. One of the best sunset experiences out there. Kerala houseboat cruise is a journey, a journey into the heart of nature, where your mind is calm and relaxed. Far away from all the hassles of city life embrace the little joys of village life and the simplicity it has to offer.

Kerala, the land where nature blooms in all her glory. A charming state known for her incredible beauty. The vast stretches of paddy fields that calms your mind. Emerald green backwaters that stretch across Alleppey and her neighbours. Lovingly called the god’s own country, countless tourists visit this blessed land to get closer to nature and relax.

Major houseboat destinations in Kerala

Kerala has an abundance of water bodies and greenery that comes with it. There are several places where backwater tourism flourishes. Major ones being Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Neeleshwar backwaters in Kasaragod. Houseboats in Kerala are spread across these vibrant locations which makes it easier for you to plan your next visit.

Alleppey is the most popular backwater experience as there are plenty of houseboats available and the stunning Vembanad Lake flows beside it.

Alleppey Houseboats

Kumarakom Houseboats

Kollam Houseboats

Nileshwar Houseboats

Different types of Kerala houseboats

Houseboats in Kerala come in different size and range. We provide the best boathouse service in Kerala that can match your budget and preferences. We offer 3 ranges of houseboats in Kerala

Deluxe houseboats in Kerala

Deluxe houseboats are budget friendly houseboats that are perfect if you are looking for a comfortable experience. It comes with elegant wooden interiors, attached bathrooms, upper deck and wide widows so that you won’t miss the beautiful backwaters. AC will run from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am in the morning in the bedroom.

Premium houseboats in Kerala

Premium houseboats in Kerala are a superior version of the deluxe houseboats. Food menu provided will have more variety. Completely glass covered with stunning interiors and elegant furnitures. Centralised AC provided throughout the cruise so that you are at your comfortable best.

Luxury houseboats in Kerala

Kerala luxury houseboats are nothing short of a five star experience. This is ideal for you if you are looking for something more exquisite and plush .Luxury in the lap of Mother Nature is the best affair there is. With sophisticated yet chic interiors and plush furniture you are sure to love the aesthetics of these luxury houseboats. Diverse food menu compared to its counterparts. Centralised AC provided throughout the cruise.

Kerala Houseboat Rates

Price of Kerala Houseboat is different for each type of houseboat and number of bedrooms required. Kerala houseboat booking requires you to pay an advance so that you have your houseboat reserved for you. Kindly note that when it comes to Kerala houseboat prices, it varies according to the season. This is only a tentative price list.

Size of houseboats.

We provide houseboats just enough for 2 or a 100. You read that right. Whatever your requirement we have it sorted. The size of your houseboat will depend on the number of bedrooms. Standard occupancy is 2 people per bedroom. One additional person is allowed with an extra fee per bedroom.

1 Bedroom Kerala Houseboats

These single bedroom houseboats in Kerala are the perfect booking for honeymooners seeking a romantic getaway. The boat comes with a kitchen, 1 bedroom with attached bathroom a common area.

2 Bedroom Houseboats in Kerala

The ideal choice for a family with children. The boat comes with 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom, kitchen and a common area. Standard occupancy is 4 persons

3 Bedroom Houseboats in Kerala

Have a bigger family? Want to take your parents along for a fun and bonding time? This is the boat for you. It usually comes with an upper deck. Standard occupancy is 6 persons

4 Bedroom Kerala Houseboats

Ideal for vacationers with a large family or a small group of friends hoping to relax from their busy lives. 4 bedroom houseboats in Kerala can accommodate at least 8 people additional members will be charged extra.

5 Bedroom Kerala Houseboats

Thinking of organising a business meeting? Or a get together with friends? Whatever is on your mind these big boats are well equipped to handle your requirements. Can accommodate at least 10 people.

6 Bedroom Kerala Houseboats

Hosting your next family get together or planning that trip with your friends has never been easier. Comes with a large common are for you to arrange your function or host events. Can accommodate at least 12 people.

Itinerary for Kerala Houseboat cruise

This is a basic itinerary for  Kerala houseboat rides.  If you are short of time you can try the day cruise or if you want to spend more time on the boat you may choose to spend 1 night or even 2 on the houseboat.

 2 Nights and 3 Days Houseboat Cruise in Kerala

Day 1

Check in is at 12.00 Noon. Once you board the boat, you will be offered a welcome drink. The cruise begins and you are all set to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. Make sure to keep your cameras handy for each moment is a picture of its own

At 1.30 pm traditional Kerala meals are served for lunch. It is sure to keep your taste buds dancing for the aromatic flavours of Kerala cuisine. The cruise sets off again. Sit back and enjoy the magical waterways and explore village life first hand

At 4.40 pm snacks are served along with tea or coffee. Indulge in some in house activities or games with your loved ones. At 5.30, the houseboat anchors to the side as per government regulations. You may go out for a stroll in the villages and explore or choose to spend the night in the houseboat. At 8.30 dinner is served and you may rest in your bedroom under the starry sky.

Day 2

Breakfast is served after the boat begins cruising for the day at 7.00 am. Traditional Kerala breakfast is served. Any change desired in the food menu can be told earlier. Explore new regions like the Kumarakom side. You will be taken to the most preferred spots according to the route you have chosen.

If desired you can be transferred to smaller motor boats to discover the smaller lanes of the backwaters. Lunch is served at 1.30 pm. Special pearl spot fish is fried and served.

Meander your way to through the mystical backwaters as you enjoy your snacks served at 4.30 pm. The boat anchors to the side again at 5.30 pm. After which at 8.30 dinner iis served and you can enjoy a restful night.

Day 3

At 7.00 pm the cruise begins and if you wake up early enough you catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful sunrise in Kerala. Breakfast is provided on board along with chai or coffee. 9.00 am is the time to check out. You will have tons of memories to carry home with you.

1 Night and 2 Days Houseboat Cruise in Kerala

Day 1

Check in at 12.00 noon to your favourite Kerala Houseboat. A welcome drink will be offered as you enter. Make yourself comfortable as you set on a cruise that will remain in your hearts for a lifetime. Explore the picturesque beauty of Kerala, sit back and relax.

At around 1.30 you will be provided with lunch. Traditional Kerala food prepared on board is served. It is sure to make your taste buds dance with happiness as the flavours and aroma of Kerala delicacies will leave you wanting for more. The boat again starts cruising down the backwaters. Indulge in some activities on board or just enjoy the beauty of the land and the wind touching your face.

At 4.30 pm snacks are served along with chai or coffee. The houseboat continues down the backwater until 5.30 when it stops for the night as per government regulations. The houseboat is anchored by a quiet place. You can choose to chill in the houseboat or step out to explore the village. Pay a visit to the toddy shops or indulge in some fishing.

At 8.00 pm dinner is served in the houseboat. Bond over some really delicious food. You may choose stay out or recline into your AC bedrooms for a well-deserved rest under the starry nights of Kerala.


Cruising begins at 7.30 in the morning again. Traditional Kerala breakfast is served along with chai or coffee. At 9.00 am you may check out of the houseboat. You would have already made enough fond memories to carry with you back home.

1 Day Houseboat Cruise in Kerala

Check in time is at 11.00 am. We suggest that you reach on time so that you don’t waste any of your precious cruise time. You will be welcomed with a drink. The boat cruises down the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey, taking you to explore village life and the beauty of nature.

At 1.30 pm lunch is served. Traditional Kerala meals with pearl spot fish fried is a highlight. We are sure that this will leave you wanting for more. Bond with your loved ones as the boat cruises down these backwaters. Indulge in some games and activities on board.

At 4.30 pm snacks is served along with chai or coffee. You will have to check out by 5.30. This short but sweet cruise is sure stay close to your heart for years to come.

Kerala Houseboat Food Menu

Welcome drink

Tender coconut/ soft drinks


Rice, Avial, Thoran,
Fish fry , Sambar, Mezhukkuparatty,
Banana kalan, Pickles, salad.

Evening Snacks

Tea or Coffee
with Banana fritters or
veg pakodas.


Chappati, White rice
Chicken roast (or paneer masala), Dal fry,
Raita, Fruit salad


Bread, Jam, Butter, Omlette. OR
Iddly, Sambar(By default) OR Dosa, Sambar. OR
Poori Masala. OR Idiyappam and Kadala Curry / Egg Roast. OR
Appam and Vegetable Curry / Egg Roast. OR Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Note: Kerala houseboat food menu can be customised according to your preferences but it  needs to be informed beforehand.

Will there be any activities in Kerala houseboats?

There are indoor games that are provided by the operators. You might also enjoy fishing and visiting nearby places after 5:30 pm when the boat is anchored to the shore. You can laso try sunset shikara ride in Kerala.

Should I pre-book these houseboats?

Yes, we recommend that you pre-book so that we can block the boat you have selected for the day you arrive. During peak season our bookings are packed and that is why you should book beforehand so that we can keep the boat ready for you.

Do you arrange pick up and drop?

We can arrange for pick up and drop. You need to inform us beforehand so that we can make the required arrangements to serve you better. You can check our website to know the Alleppey taxi rates

What if we want a change in the menu?

We offer delicious Kerala cuisine in our houseboat and we highly recommend it but if you would like to customise the menu according to your taste we can arrange for it if informed beforehand.

What are Kerala Houseboat rates?

During the peak season from October to February, the rates will be higher than March to September. The rates will also vary according to the type of houseboat and number of bedrooms you opt for. Kindly check our  Kerala houseboat rates on the website. We can give you a detailed explanation when you contact us.

How can I make the payment?

You can make the payment online or through Google pay, Phonepe, Paytm or any othe UPI based app. Feel free to contact us so that we can avoid confusions if any

Is it safe for families with children?

Houseboats are very child-friendly and carry safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, life jackets, and first aid kits. Our crewmen are very adept with the surroundings and will help with anything that would be required.Our Kerala houseboats are completely safe for families so that you would’nt have to worry about a thing.

What kind of food is served in the houseboat ?

Traditional Kerala food is served in the houseboat. If you have any preferences or would like a change in the food menu kindly inform us before the trip begins. You can get more details of the Kerala houseboat food menu on our website.

Do these boats have a proper license ?

We only provide boats that are verified and have a valid license. We take great care in ensuring this.

What are the tariffs?

During the peak season from October to February, the rates will be higher than March to September. The rates will also vary according to the type of houseboat and number of bedrooms you opt for. Kindly check our  Kerala houseboat rates on the website. We can give you a detailed explanation when you contact us.